Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson
1958 - 2009

Thank you for all the tunes that have literally made the world go round!

You will forever be a loved icon of music history.



  1. With his wonderful songs!! (And pop videos) that rests in peace!
    Dannii to be your very fan of Michael?
    Today to journalist of the Spanish (stupid) Tv to say that not to understand for that so much commotion, for his death (fewer badly that to be alone)
    I still not believe that not to be with us.

  2. Dannii you be in Orkut? (Please it answers)

  3. Legends never die and Michael is a legend.

  4. Thank you for those beautiful words Dannii.
    It was great seeing you at X Factor on Thursday and I was so happy but then my worst nightmare came to life as I travelled home.
    I feel so blessed to have met him many times and only saw him last in March, when the last thing I ever said to him was "I love you" and he reacted with a cute little giggle.
    I will be flying to America to say my goodbyes.
    Anyway to make a long story short I just wanted to say that life is so precious and I thank you so much for sharing your talent with us and being apart of my life.
    I will never be able to listen to your version of "Show you the way to go" again without shedding a tear.