Saturday, June 27, 2009

Incorrect X Factor Story - 27th June 2009


Story: X Factor row: Dannii Minogue in new fallout with Simon Cowell
Publication: Daily Mirror newspaper
Date: Saturday 27th June 2009
Journalist: Fiona Cummins
Denied by: Dannii Minogue and Simon Cowell prior to publication

HackfordJones PR (on behalf of Dannii Minogue) and Simon Cowell himself personally denied this story yesterday (Friday 26th June) after X Factor auditions were complete in London.

The story is totally incorrect and for the record Dannii was sat in the middle of the panel for the full duration of Day 1. Dannii was sat on the end of the panel for the full duration of Day 2 & Day 3, and Dannii sat in the middle of the panel for the full duration of Day 4. There was no argument or disagreement between Dannii and Simon. It is not unusual for judges to change seats during auditions and official publicity pictures from the last two years will confirm this.


  1. why hasn't simon and the chavette moved seats as well does the chavette think she won't be able to cope with being away from simon.

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  3. ¡¡Already me this before seem a lie!!
    Some journalists, be better without working.
    Where from they extract this?
    Amor y Bessos from Miguel Ángel.

  4. If you look at the big picture, the two tiny pics of the judge's row, you can see that they obviously cut and paste Dannii into the last position. Dannii and Louis Walsh are in the EXACT same positions in both pictures. I don't really know if that has to do with anything, other than it looks bad for the credibility of the author.

  5. Dannii you are looking FAB as always!

  6. I love your new song "MORE, MORE, MORE" I got it off of itunes.. its a gem. Everybody who reads need to get it. Its "Seductive Dannii".

  7. surely people reading the paper would notice that the picture is the same, but edited? the judges cant all do the same facial expression twice, after dannii had apparently moved seats.
    jeez these journalists.

    love xxx♥