Monday, March 22, 2010

Ultimate Movie Toons - Sunday 28th March @ 6.45pm on ITV1

Dannii Minogue hosts Ultimate Movie Toons starring:

Beverley Knight, Michael Ball, Pixie Lott, Craig David, Denise Van Outen, Mika, Katherine Jenkins, Duncan James and the cast of The Lion King.

Sunday 28th March

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  1. Dear Danni

    my fiancé Richard and I are getting married at the end of July, and I was wondering if I could send a blank wedding card to yourself, that you could write a small note of congratulations to him, perhaps some words of wisdom on marriage and relationships. This would then be read out by the groomsman at the top table with the rest of the cards.

    Richard has a personal joke in which he tells me that both you and your sister have been on the phone to him upset that he is no longer on the market and he tells me you are both devastated that he has picked me and not you or your sister.

    It would absolutely make his dad if you were to to write something about this!!

    Congratulations on your pregnancy I hope you and mini minogue are keeping healthy.

    Thank in advance