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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Harper's Bazaar: Australia / January 2010 Issue

Photographer: Georges Antoni
Styling: Mark Vassallo


  1. this magazine is perfect with you =]
    great pictures!!!
    brazil and I love you so muchhhhhhhh

  2. What gorgeous photos, I especially love the one with the very exotic cat.


  3. Danielle... You look fantastic! How can I don't love You?!

  4. The Dress in the bottom Left Pic Is stunning!
    Me want!!


  5. is that a dress you wore on the x factor?? i love it <3

  6. Minogue Beauty in it's truest form. Stunning!

  7. Wow! You look gorgeous and really beautiful, are you going on any tours at all? I really Really want to meet you more than anything and anyone, thats a promise. Your such a fantastic role model and I adore you so much, Im 16 from the UK and really want to move to Australia when im older I have family over there in Perth and Adelaide so I visit them sometimes and I really want to move my Parents will be moving but not just yet because they each have businesses to run, I think your THE ONE, I know your the one, and I think your music is amazing plus your the BEST judge on xFactor by miles, Love you Ed x

  8. This spread is stunning. Stunning. That is all. You're an inspiration!

    Erica x