Sunday, November 01, 2009

Piers Morgan interview uncut - 90 minute version

Tuesday 3rd November 2009
21:00 on ITV2


  1. Good day. You have a nice blog. Have a nice day, Radka.

  2. I cannot wait for this!
    Last night's show was fab - so emotional though - I cried so much! :'(
    You were so brave Dannii - I loved your honesty and it's fab to see that people are finally starting to see the real side of you :D

  3. heya dannii i watch the one on saturday after the x factor when u started crying it made me cry as well,and i am very annoyed by how you hade to move seat you should sit where u use to they shouldnt of moved by the way you are brilliant on x factor dont worry about that people think about you cuz ur bloody fantastic and you should perform who do you love now on x facotr it is my favourite song

  4. Oh yay cant wait. I have sky + it waiting for tomorrow. Even my little bro cant wait, bless him.... XxX

  5. I was always looking for info on Danii Minogue, but found it difficult to get the true picture.

    This interview with Piers filled in all the gaps, re-enforced my firm beliefs that Danii is a real person with her heart in just the right place.

    Thank you for sharing and opening some doors, maybe not an easy thing to do, but I doubt that this will ever come back to haunt you.

    Lovely lady, best of all the judges, more compassion in your little finger than the rest put together.

    If Kris does not object, ((((HUGS))).


  6. can't explain how amazing it's interview.
    huge thx for that <3

    love U!!

  7. Hi:)
    I'm from Norway, you have always been my idol.<3
    You look fab..!!
    And I thought for my self when I saw this, what a great idol I have chosen.:) I cried and cried and cried! Special when you started to talk about your family.
    I know that I'm not a good writer in English :P
    But I'm very proud of you.


  8. I hated seeing you cry! it made me really sad! :( XXX

  9. hiya i loved your interview. just wanted to say a big thank you for the time you spent with my little girl eve at saturdays x factor, you made her so happy.

    thanks again


  10. This was fantastic! Being an admirer of Ms Minogue i already knew she was a star but after this interview you can't help but love her more and think how GENUINE and LOVEABLE she is. A true and frank interview which made me laugh, cry and love EVEN more :D

    If you read these comments at all Dannii (unlikely i know) or if someone who is part of her management does, let it be known how much Britain and the public admire you in so many ways (despite what the BORING media try to pursuade us to think!)- Who are also changing their opinions ironically.

  11. hi thought your interview was great, you had me in tears a few times. i would also like to thank you for spending time with my little girl eve last saturday at the x factor rehearsals. the fotos are great.

    thanks again


  12. DANNII!! I loved this interview so much, although it made me cry! Love ya xxx

  13. Was great to see, Danni is looking amazing and glad all are taking notice. Last year all i wanted to do was Dannii's hair and make-up because it needed help, but this year WOW, the hair cut has been pure genius, and the make-up perfect, just how i saw it. If your regular hair and make-up artist is busy I will be sure to keep making you look hot!!!!!! LUKE ANTHONY, SOHO MANAGEMENT. X

  14. What a fabulous interview. I've been a fan since day dot and am on Team Minogue all the way!

    Go Dannii!!

  15. You Looked so Beautiful there. xxxxx

  16. dannii looks amazing, so glad that people are waking up to her. Hair cut was pure genuis

  17. Hey Dannii
    Firstly I loved the interview, frank and real, (I would have let Hag Osbourne have it, but I'm glad you didn't stoop to her level).

    MAN so pissed off bout lucie, so I can only imagine how you are feeling XXXXXXXXXXX Been watching on the internet from Melbourne and I can tell you I had a bad day on Monday.

    Anyway had a lazy Sunday arvo before the bad news, (we've been having one of our heat waves) and got a bit creative and made a list of songs I thought would be great for Stacey.
    Can I just say I've been loving her performances (My fav was coldplay), good picks with beautiful, emotive and laid back tunes, perfect for her. In case you have a bout of 'song choice block' here are some ideas:
    CYNDI LAUPER - True Colors
    RADIOHEAD - High and Dry
    BIC RUNGA - Sway
    PORTISHEAD - Glory Box
    EURYTHMICS - There must be an angel (playing with my heart)
    MASSIVE ATTACK - Teardrop
    NELLY FURTADO - All good things (Come to an end)
    MADONNA - Rain
    CRANBERRIES - Dreams
    NORAH JONES - Don't Know Why
    ALL SAINTS - Pure Shores

    (If I can) I want to give one small bit of criticism and that is please be careful with the sexy (I get the feeling that you want to help her come out of her shell a bit), but you've gotta keep her vulnerability and earthiness. Overdose on the lazy, emotive (but edgy not ballady) songs, tap into a bit of sadness and PULL those heart strings. I know you guys will do well, can't vote from OZ so i've got all fingers and toes crossed for you XXX

    I made a list for Lucie as well and there was one song which I reckon would be perfect for her, maybe for gigs etc.... It's called "Weir" by KILLING HEIDI. You might know it? It was big in Australia but no one outside of OZ would know it and I could really see her doing that kind of young pop/punk rock stuff.

    Anyway, Sending you lots of luck and Sunshine from OZ, Go Girls!!!

    PS. Next time you need to get a prezzie for Simon, book him into some fancy golf course for a round of Golf, and make sure its one on top of a hill during a Lightning Storm!

    Krystian XXX

  18. I have seen Yur Interview a Few Times now! and Every time i watch it, Yu touch my heart!

    Love Ya Dannii Yur my IDOL!

    All my love Mere x

  19. Dannii,

    All I can say is that you are the genuine article girl. And I am proud of the fact, that in the face of relentless and baseless criticism, you have remained steadfastly true to who you really are and maintained your personal integrity. You go girl! I hope you continue to k*ck ass for a long time to come.
    KP from Oz