Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Backstage at The X Factor - Live Show 1

The lovely Taio Cruz stopped by my dressing room.
He gace me a copy of his new album Rokstarr.

I had to wear his sunnies !

I love his single 'Break My Heart'.

Robbie ROCKED ! He is the biggest Stacey fan.

I introduced him to my boyfriend Kris.
Robbie revealed he was very nervous about his first live performance in a few years.

My Girls loved meeting Spice Girl Emma Bunton !
She looked gorgeous and a glass of bubbly always goes down well !

More backstage access next week !



  1. i love it :) stacey's amazing! robbie has the right idea! you looked great on Saturday, good luck next week x

  2. i wish tiao would stop by my dressing room!

  3. Thanks for lovely backstage photos Dannii ;*

  4. Love you Dannii. You come accross as being so much more confident and self assured on the show this year. I am sure you were last year too but you just seem to be more relaxed and going with it this year. Love you x