Friday, September 04, 2009

Dannii Videos: iTunes

Heat Magazine say that I have 'halved in size'...

Now you can see it in video!
All of my music videos from Love And Kisses (1991) to Touch Me Like That (2007) have been made available to download on iTunes!

My favourite oldie is now This Is It, as some of The X Factor crew members performed the dance routine for me at Judges Homes... I'm not naming any names, you know who you are!!!



  1. Dannii,You in Itunnes not have any old video,you have =Coconut,All i wanna do,I begin to wonder..........
    Dannii I watch Success Now in You TUbe and i want to say you are have a big changed-The nose,Body,.....
    But you are now and before wonderful.
    And you are in Dubai With Kylie,hehe

  2. ur not half the size , but u look better without those chaps on , and u said uve toned up and we all notice

  3. i would love to see that performance by the crew at the judges houses