Friday, September 25, 2009

Calling all PAM ANN frequent flyers !

My friend Pam Ann really knows how to get around - this time she's in her brand new Airbus A380 !

Pam takes off in Boston on October 10th and will touch down to re-fuel in 10 other US cities including Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and New York.

For all European frequent flyers - your Christmas has come early !
Pam will be doing an overnight stay at The London Palladium on December 6th and 13th.

Book your seat in first class now for that VIP treatment and all important special meal !

But, the fun doesn't end there. Even down in Economy you're guaranteed a safe flight... unless, of course, your bag isn't safely stowed in the overhead locker. Pam loves a good bag search !

Busy, busy, busy !


PS: This clip still makes me laugh out loud...


  1. haha i have to get tickets omg i love pam and loved that clip this is it

  2. This is it! :D
    Loved it Dannii!

  3. My u have some weird friends lol!!!

  4. ooh and i forgot really great layout!!!
    love U danni <3

  5. lol oh i love it to funny wehehehhexx.

  6. LOL, i enjoyed this video. (and i got told off for playing it too loud by my sister!!)
    Peace and Love xxx