Thursday, September 10, 2009

2Day FM

Good morning Australia!
Well for many years Johnny Young said the phrase, 'Goodnight Australia'
but now I get to say 'Good morning'!

Andrew G, Jackie O and Dannii
Do you think I need to change my name to Dannii M tomorrow?

Meeting the tiny baby of Holly from Home & Away - Jackie O is clearly 'clucky'!
Tune in tomorrow for more chat and tunes
6-9am on 2Day FM


  1. Is there any other way I can listen? XxX

  2. No ,your new name is ,Dannii M Crazy!!!

  3. Dannii, I loved yesterday's show!
    You looked gorgeous on the backstage pics!

    Hope you are enjoying it as much as we are! :)

    Lots of love from Brazil! xx

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  5. I listened online and really enjoyed the show. I rang all the way from England on my mobile and got through to the studio and they took my number but you didn't call me back! :( Will try again on Sunday night (your Monday morning).

    Love Vicki xxx