Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2Day FM - Dance Off!

Pyjama party at 2Day FM
It's Tuesday and we kicked our heels off and came to work in pyjamas - what a dreamy job!
Peter Alexander sent over the most yummy 'jim-jams' (I was loving myself sick in my Little Red Riding Hood fleecy ones! Also a big thankyou from Andrew and Jackie O - sleep time is sorted!)
This week on my radio work experience, I have learned that I can get through a breakfast radio session on one coffee, two Wake Up bars, 3 Green Teas and a jug of water - but I have also learned that 2 minutes is not long enough for me to run to the toilet and get back on air - I blame it on the slippers today. I can run faster in heels!

We just finished our second dance rehearsal for our 'Single Ladies' dance off that you will be judging later in the week. Let me tell you that Beyonce makes it look real EASY!

All Young Talent Time fans out there - vote for me!!!!!!!!

All photos and video copyright 2DayFM


  1. Wow!This is Fantastic and Funny!!
    I love your new Work dannii!!
    And I vote for You,hehe!!
    'Single Ladies' is dancing in Spain for a Tv programe ''Sé Lo Que Hicisteis...'' THIS:
    And one put the music of ''Paco,Paco'' in the video and the result is fantastic:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge2fe60FvL83 GREEN TEAS!!
    Dannii Love you!
    You are a Fantastic Ladie!!
    Besazos de España!!
    Good Luck In ''The X factor''
    ¡¡Go 'Team Minogue''!!

  2. Looking absolutely gorgeous, Danielle!
    Have fun with the dance routines! :D

    Love from Brazil!