Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Backstage with Grazia!

First shot of the day

I felt very Joan Collins !

A girls best friend - shoe talk, with stylist Mary-Anna.


(on sale Tuesday 11th August)

Photographer: Luis Monteiro

Hair Stylist: Adam Reed

Stylist: Mary-Anna Kearney

Behind-the-scene images: Nathan Smith (C) KDB Artists Pty. Ltd

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  1. Hey Dan,
    Nice photos!! Nice shoes! xD My highest are...
    12 cm's I have no idea how many inches that is. But its high!
    You're so beautiful and confident. every woman should be like you!
    xx lian

  2. Your hair style looks all Dragonette. Loves it. ;)

  3. Loving the pics! You look gorgeous hun x

  4. ahh thats hot as! I might have to grab a copy, or make someone else grab a copy coz its a girl mag! :P

  5. Loving the new pics Dannii - you look gorgeous! Can't wait for X Factor - you are the best judge by a MILE!!!

    Luv & Kisses

    Robert xxxx

  6. Loving the new pics Dannii - you look gorgeous! Can't wait for X Factor - you are the best judge by a MILE!!!

    Luv & Kisses

    Robert xxxx

  7. I have this magazine!
    You look absoulutely gorgeous Dannii,
    i am in love with your hair i wish mine would go like that!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. hi dannii were you nervous doing the shooting at grazia?

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  10. i love love love you TEAM MINOGUE to win this year :)
    love you lots xx

  11. I have this magazine!
    You look goooorgeous Dannii!
    I soo want my hair like that -
    tell me how!?!?
    I looove all the outfits!
    Man I'm jealous!

  12. Gorgeous! You're the best ♥.

  13. Hello Dannii my name is Alex, I´m from Peru and I love you I´m your number one fan, I hope one day you travel here and sing your amazing songs!! kisses Alex

    P.D: sorry my english