Monday, May 11, 2009

Fitness Kick

Well if you are living in the Northern's time to get ready for a bikini body!!!!!!!

This book is a great motivational and informative book for keeping your body healthy and in shape. Matt and Monica are truly inspiring.



  1. Does it(he,she) hear Dannii, hinting that we are fat? ' I not, because it not valee for nothing, every day I practise Padel and Goal, but perfect.
    When new information of your CD '?
    I have a few desires that you do not see, already I get tired of listening to the same thing always. Besoss Dannii!

  2. Hey Dannii! Are you doing walk for life this year? Because some of us from the forum have made a team...

  3. Hi Dannii, have you heard of twitter? we think you should start blogging on there too, its really good for little updates and a good way to keep fans updated! xxxxx

  4. As if La Minogue needed this to get even hotter.


  5. This is going off the topic of the book a bit but just in case you read this Dannii, wanted to say I went to see Rhydian on Thursday at The Sage, Gateshead and he was amazing! Love his new song which is in the early stages that he wrote with Walter someone and he sang my favourite song 'Somewhere'. You would have been proud :)