Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We love you Najam!

NAJAM, 22, SINGER & DANCER - Australia's Got Talent Series 3

Najam is originally from Pakistan. He moved to Brisbane on a student visa to study business administration at Axiom College in 2004. He had no friends or family here.

“I am a person who does unique things.”

He works as a casual machine operator at Goodman Fielder, making margarine. “I couldn’t get a decent job.” He does 12-hour shifts at the factory.

Najam sings in five languages: Urdu (National language of Pakistan), Hindi, Punjabi (mother tongue), Arabic (he’s Muslim and recites the holy book), and English.

For his performance on Australia’ Got Talent, Najam says he practised a lot. “I was under pressure. I know you only have 90 seconds so I went clubbing every Friday and Saturday. There’s a club called Brazilian Touch in Brisbane which has a mirror wall. I’d stand in front of that mirror and dance to watch my movements. I also do a lot of singing at work, where we wear ear muffs. I like to sing Urdu and Hindi songs.”

Najam performs at open mike nights at the Manly Hotel, Valley Hotel and RG Bar – all in Brisbane. He also performed on Brisbane Square on World Aids Day and received a white t-shirt for his efforts.

Najam wants to learn guitar.

Go Go Go Najam!

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  1. “Believe in yourself and never give up, you’ll see that one day success will kiss your feet.”

    Najam doesn’t really have enough words to thank his fans and Madam Dannii Minouge. What Dannii has done for Najam, to thank that, Najam can’t do anything good enough.

    However thank you so much,Dannii for having a soft spot for Najam. Thanks for your support, gratitude,admiration,encouragement,my pictures and my story on your website and everything.
    Najam certainly have lots of respect in his heart for his fans,thanks to all those who watched Najam’s performances ,your voting for Najam is highly appreciated. Special thanks to these four beautiful girls , who came to watch Najam in the show. They were enormously amazing and their support was endearing. The signs they made to support Najam, were hilarious. “NAJAM LOVES YOU TOO”

    There is an update for those, who know Najam works as a casual machince operator, Najam has been granted a job as a Customer Service Attendant at CALTEX Service Station. As he loves to work in retail.

    It is better to be a glass is half full person.

    Take care and keep smiling.