Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sound Relief in Melbourne

On stage with Red Symons

Signing the Sound Relief Crew top - ultra collectable!

and the Sound Relief Poster - i want one too!

the two Miss Ms work the rain smock backstage - i've heard of doing a rain dance, 
but those downpours were outa control!

I was interviewed by the lovely Renee Bargh for V Channel.

We will rebuild bracelet

one of the rock kids side of stage, enjoying all the activities - i love the baby headphones!

Kris and I caught up with Megan Gale and Andy backstage.

With two adorable girls from the Kinglake district
The one and only Jack Johnson

All images (C) KDB Artists Pty. Ltd.


  1. wow Dannii you look Stunning, the one with you and Kylie is really cuteee
    can i ask where can i buy a yellow ribbon and a yellow rubber band.


    Laura xxx

  2. u look stunning dannii!!
    Looks like u had a lot of fun! :)
    and the kids looks adorable (>v<)


  3. Gorgeous pics Dannii, thanks for sharing xx

  4. Dannii, you should have come up on stage with sister Kylie!
    Anyway, the pics look fab and you look stunning as always. Your new "do" is great!

    Lots of love! xxxx

  5. I love the pics Dannii!! You and Kylie are so cute together. And your hair is gorgeous!!

  6. So is Megan Gale still Wonder Woman or what??

  7. omg i was there and the day was just you tippical melbourne day, i bet the forcaste said, sunny with a tone of rain and blue sky's. hahah
    but my fav part, well two parts, was when you came on and then your sister. by the way the picture of you and kylie is amazing, it like your just two little melbourne girls again doing the peace sign like all of us, thank god for water proof ponchos! but it was amazing.

  8. love the pic of you and Kylie. it's really cute.
    where can i get a wrist band from as i live in the uk?
    all the pics are great such a great cause
    Nat x