Friday, March 27, 2009

MTV Awards

Throwing moves on the dance floor at the after party with Molly and Jessica

Red Carpet interviews

Vanilla Ice - I know, I look scared.....I was!

One of his friends had just starting trashing his trailor with a piece of Polystyrene
- how very PC Rock n' Roll!!!!!

Ashlee and Pete. The cutest couple.

sippin' a little Champers with Ashlee - she is so sweet

Strike a pose! My J'Aton space dress!

okay... I have not seen The Hills, but my friends are huge fans, so here is our pic with Audrina!

we decided we looked like dollies in a box - one in Gold, and one in Silver please!

meeting the gorgeous Lara backstage

my view of the wall of photographers!

Thanks to:
Make up: M.A.C.
Hair: Dimitri Fronis for GHD

All images (C) KDB Artists Pty. Ltd.

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