Friday, March 20, 2009

L'Oreal's Fashion Festival Melbourne

The J'Aton Boys made me yet another stunning dress.
The boys got talent!
What a way to start the Fashion festival with a fabulous dress....!
Thank you

Government house party to launch Melbourne fashion week.

It was great fun, i felt like i was in a real life magazine!

These models were so cute; they looked like real dolls from different eras. Fabulous...!
I really wanted to take the set home...

This doll was dresses by J’Aton, how amazing are the detail on sleeves, dress everything...

I loved catching up with Miss Jay (Runway Expert/Judge from America’s Next Top model)
I watch the ANTM religiously! Such a lovely guy.
How tall is he?!?!

Ah, Miss Yeojin Bae, One of my favourite Aussie designers... It was great to catch up and find out all the new gossip for next seasons must haves...

All her pieces are so fabulous... I will be popping around to see the new collections soon!

Richard Nylon did all the creative and funky hats in the show.

Luke Sales, picked up the designer award later on in the week...
He accessorised his dress with spoons – watch out girls you never know what is going to be the next black!


  1. That means this?
    This Dannii very rare ,your to begin botox before going '?

  2. Oh Dannii l'Amour !
    You look amazing. And those J'Aton boys... wow, they look delicious ! lol :o)

    Love, sun & other such fun from Montréal ! :D xxxxx

  3. That dress is absolutely gorgeous! Wish they would make me one, I need to make friends with the J'Aton boys! Wouldn't look quite so gorgeous on me tho :( xx