Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Re: Piers Morgan interview

Greetings from Australia

I have been informed that there has been a press conference in London for the launch of Piers Morgan’s new TV show (Piers Morgan's Life Stories), where edited footage was shown of an interview he has done with Sharon Osbourne. I believe there are discussions about me in this interview and I have had many press requests to respond. I have not seen the footage, nor the TV show to be aired, so am not in a position to make any comment.

I have not seen Sharon since we last worked together in 2007.


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  1. D,

    I can't believe this woman is still banging on about you! I find the way you deal with her constant digs, with grace and dignity inspiring. :-)

    Have faith that we all know she is a rotten, sour faced, evil, bitch lol. What goes around comes around and boy has she got alot of crap coming her way!!

    Hugs........James x

  2. OMG does that women ever give her gob a rest nobody cares what her or peirs morgan has to say we love you dannii not big gob osborne just keep egnoring her she just wants a fight and when she finelly realises your not going to give one she might actually shut up but i dunoo this is sharon osbourne haha x
    :D x x

  3. ahhh...i hate that stupid wh*re!!
    she just can't manage to move on about you!!

    Since you haven't seen her since 2007.
    I think she misses you so much, that the only way to get your attention is to make attacks on you so u would rmb her!!

    She uses you to get the media's attention, because there's simply no other ways she could get attention from.

    anywho. enough said about her.

  4. Hi Dannii,

    I can't believe you have a blog, this is awesome! I'm in Canada so we don't get X-Factor over here. I miss your music and videos! Will you be doing any other projects soon? Come visit us in Canada!

    (Just read the news articles this morning about Sharon Osbourne! So tacky of her to say those comments! What a jerk!)

    Take care!
    alan in vancouver, canada

  5. Dannii,
    Don't take any notice of what she says. Forget about her.
    I personally think that she has been a right b**** to you in the press. She's a disgrace!

    Love you loads


    P.S, im your biggest fan :) lol :)


  6. Hey,

    I honestly used to think Sharon was quite a fun, quirky individual; however now she just paints herself as a vile, bitter old cow.

    If and when you do hear the interview, there's no harm biting back!

    You've been my favourite (and all my mates) on the X Factor and I hope you decide to return to the next season.

    Looking forward to your new music, too!

    I live in New Zealand now (moved from London) and I'm already spreading the word; You Won't Forget About Me is going down a treat!

    Much love!

    Nathan xxx

  7. good answer dannii
    sharon est une no life

  8. Heyahh Dannii,

    I Knew Sharon was going to be speaking about you but i didn't watch it because i know Sharon would say mean things and i don't like people saying that about you Dannii xx

  9. Hey Dannii, Definitely maintain your silence on this. I saw the interview and she is definitely a mad crazy woman. It's brilliant you've gone back to AUS and working there as well as here in the UK. Hope we'll get some music in 2009 as well.
    thanks Andrew (Aussie in London) xx

  10. Sharon ES TONTA1!

  11. I watched it and I was so angry at what she was sayin about you. I used 2 luv her but now I cannot stand her. She's a horrible woman who needs 2 get over the past. You handle it the best way anyone could and I admire u. Lots of love, emily, your no1 fan xxxxc