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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Australia's Got Talent!


  1. Yah!!!
    I knew it would be Disco!
    I told all my work mates to watch it ;)
    Great show, cant wait for next week!
    The guy singing opera was AMAZING!!

  2. It's definitly a good idea to have your own blog :)

  3. i love it watched it on youtube and it was amazing, the super hero with the bubbles made me laugh

  4. Lovely! You deserve it! xxxx

  5. Well done Dannii :D
    You deserve it (L)!
    I'm so happy you have your own blog now

  6. Go Go Go Dannii
    your new hair style looks Amazing and its good for the weather there:)
    AGT was sooo funny i was watching it on youtube and i was laughing and who ever walked in looked at me and thought why are you laughing at your laptop and i said im watching AGT
    love you
    Laura xxx

  7. Your New Hair Looks Stunning Your New Boyfriend Is Hot Haha You Really Suit Each Other Good Look And I Life In Liverpool So I Watched It On Youtube It Was Amazing Welldone Your So Funnii :D x