Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Put The Needle On It

Not again, please 'Put The Needle On It...

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  1. Lmao, shes never gonna shut up about anything is she... she needs to get a life lol

  2. i hate sharon every time she speaks and this has gone to far.
    she has nothing better to do with her life than just be nasty to everyone, i guess she was a troubled child

  3. She really does have a gateway to hell. Age is fast creeping up on her, after 25 years of trying to halt it.

  4. Sharon must be trying to take her mind off her own disastrous life! I used to quite like Mrs.O but this gives her a nasty aftertaste.
    Dannii would never be this negative towards her, what a sour shrivelled prawn Sharon has become. As Dannii would say (with an action) "mm bittah!"

  5. That Women Needs To Shut Her Mouth It Is So Obvious That She Is Jelous Of You Dannii Why Would You Want To You No What Simon Cowell :L When You have A Gawjuss Boyfriend At Home Hhaa I Cant Stand Sharon Osborne She Thinks The World Revolves Around Her And Really Needs To Change The Record And Move On Like Dannii Has And Get A Life Loveyouu Dannii x

  6. What a miserable cow. I feel sorry for her.