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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Australia's Got Talent - We're Back!

Videos (C) Channel Seven, Australia

we are back kids!


  1. I'm gonna miss this show! Last year I was in Oz and made sure I never missed and episode by watching it at the gym while on the treadmill in case the people I lived with were watching other stuff on tv! Hopefull will see some on Youtube this year x

  2. awww i hope to catch this on youtube it look to a great series

  3. looks amazing. hoping to watch on youtube. it really should be shown in the UK. :) love you dan xx

  4. She sounds like a winner to me! I'm looking forward to watching AGT on You Tube too! Beats America's Got Talent. Look at the judges we get! Phewy!

  5. Can't wait to watch on youtube
    I wish we could watch it in the